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Using the right products to care for dehydrated skin is essential to prevent further damage. It’s important to remember that dry and dehydrated conditions are two completely different things, and the first thing to define is exactly what you need.

As we continue our search on how to help your skin look flawless, we want to share with you 5 tips that can help you combat dehydration.

Put eye cream on your lips.

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The wrinkled area around your upper lip is one of the most vulnerable places where lines appear quickly as you age. Firstly, people forget to put sunscreen there, and secondly, the movement of the radial muscles plays a very important role.

dermatologists suggest apply an eye cream to the upper lip. Eye creams have the most nutrient-dense ingredients to target collagen production so your skin stays fresh and smooth.

Define if your skin is dehydrated or simply dry.

Dry skin lacks oiliness, and this could be down to your genetics. Dehydrated skin lacks water and looks dull, tight, flaky and rough.

If you mix these conditions together, you can choose the wrong skin product and even make the condition worse. If you’re just dehydrated, there’s no need to apply dozens of oily creams.

Exfoliate the skin once a week during the summer.

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First, choose the right exfoliating ingredient for your skin type. It is best to consult your dermatologist about what to get. Rice bran is a good solution if you want to try a physical product. Do not forget how much you will need to press and massage.

Also, experts don’t recommend exfoliating more than once a week during the summer to minimize damage. If you suffer from certain skin disorders, you should avoid using brushes. Also, do not use if your skin is sunburned.

Apply moisturizer right after washing.

Dermatologists recommend applying any moisturizer immediately after washing. Products like ointments, creams, and lotions trap moisture in the skin. Therefore, to keep your skin hydrated, you should apply moisturizers a few minutes after washing your body and face.

Stop constantly applying different creams around the eyes.

In general, experts recommend applying the eye cream once every 12 hours. If you prefer to wear it during the day, you should go for a lightweight formula so that it sits comfortably under your makeup. At night, you can use richer and thicker creams.

You have to remember that sometimes heavy eye creams can wreak havoc on your skin, leading to chronic puffiness. Don’t overdo them. In this case, the minimum is better.

Do not forget that it is not necessary to use an eye cream both in the morning and in the evening. You can only apply it once a day if you find that using it more frequently causes problems.

Also, avoid applying too much product and rubbing around the eyes too often, as this can damage the skin.

How often do you visit a dermatologist or cosmetologist? Have you ever had a skin type test?

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