7 Signs He Likes You

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To find out what a man thinks of you, you don’t need to ask him directly or play the guessing game. Just look at his pose. Regardless of what the person says, his physical gestures can reveal much more about his true intentions.

We put together a collection of the most common poses taken by men that indicate their true feelings. This is a reliable way to understand if you feel that spark or not.

Signs that a man likes you

7. The hair is straightened or tousled

In this way, men often try to give themselves confidence. When we see an attractive person, we instinctively try to get smarter by doing things like fixing our hair. This rule also applies to women.

6. Place your hands near your waist

7 Signs He Likes You: Sure Signs A Guy Really Likes You

If a man has his hands close to his waist, tucking them into his pockets or holding onto his waist, for example, it’s a very clear sign that he’s trying to show off his strength.

The same idea is expressed when a man spreads his legs wide when sitting down.

5. Try to occupy as much space as possible

Many male animals, when the fight to conquer a female begins, use the technique of puffing themselves up by pulling out their feathers or fur, for example.

This is done so that they are as large as possible. When a man does something similar to a woman, the same old instinct kicks in.

4. Strike an open pose

7 Signs He Likes You: Sure Signs A Guy Really Likes You

In social situations, we unconsciously adopt a more open attitude towards the individual we find attractive. Pay attention to his feet too.

Most people don’t realize when they turn to face the person they want to talk to, but it’s perfectly obvious when it happens.

3. Speak more eloquently

Pay attention to those moments when a man becomes more talkative when you appear in his field of vision. This is an indication that he wants to impress you.

2. Copy your pose

Take a look and see if a man at least partially “mirrors” the poses he strikes.

This indicates that he is trying to understand you and find something in common with you, and this is subconsciously reflected in his body language.

1. Your attitude becomes more excited.

If a man likes you, the expression on his face will be friendly and open. His look will be kind and indicate fascination, and if he is nervous, he might blush.

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