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relationship expert Tim Lott says that there are three important aspects to a successful couple: communication, respect and trust. She called trust the hardest thing of all. But still, you should have faith and hope even if there have been some mistakes in the past because without them there is no future.

We want everyone to not only love each other, but also respect and trust each other. Here are 7 signs that say you’re doing a great job in the relationship.

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7. You are not afraid to be (or appear to be) yourself

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According to psychologists, there can be imaginary and natural relationships. Social manners are used in imaginary relationships and we use them to make it look like we came down from heaven.

In natural relationships, you are not shy or afraid to be yourself and you know that your partner understands that you are not a robot and also wants to feel relaxed and at home.

You can walk around the house talking on the phone with your pants undone, eating oranges in bed, and still feeling like your loved one is absolutely fine with it.

6. You share the details of your day

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You come home after a long day at work or a meeting with your friends and you want to share new information with your partner. Don’t try to hide that some guy in your office bothered you.

This exchange of details builds trust and harmony in your relationship and makes you not only a partner, but also a close friend.

It is also important to be interested in what is going on in your partner’s life, according to researchers.

5. You can open up about past pain

could have been trouble with your parents, toxic relationships in the past or a difficult operation. But the fact is that we can’t share these things with a person we don’t trust.

psychologists To say that in these cases it is important to separate the past and the present and not to compare your partner with anyone.

Plus, if you’re willing to talk about your experiences with the person you love, you’ll gain a new level of confidence.

But it’s important not to be brutally honest and to be careful not to hurt someone else’s feelings.

4. Share a bank account or know your card PIN

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Sharing a bank account can be a sign of trust and happiness for couples. They are open to discussing financial matters and finding compromises, which brings many benefits to relationships.

This makes couples more prone to experiencing problems, rather than thinking about ending the relationship, according to shaunti feldhahnan investigator.

3. They don’t control each other

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Trust issues can quickly ruin relationships, especially if you become a control freak and start calling or texting your spouse every hour.

If you don’t let him scan your phone, he thinks that you have a secret lover and that indicates that there is no trust.

And vice versa, when you give a person air to breathe and stop controlling him, it means that you are not only resolved with your partner, but also with yourself.

psychologists They also say that it is possible to fix things when someone is being too controlling, but they will have to take emotional risks and learn to trust.

2. You can easily leave your devices open

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Social networks can provoke jealousy, according to studies. Facebook and Instagram can cause fights and even breakups.

But imagine you are driving home and he asks you to hold the phone and you can see his WhatsApp.

Only those who have nothing to hide can do this. If you can easily leave your devices open while you’re with your partner, you’ve definitely reached a good level of trust.

1. Both can admit when they are wrong and share responsibilities

There is trust between you when you share not only the daily household chores, but also the emotional responsibilities.

If you don’t ignore the issues, show empathy, and admit you’re wrong, that’s a sign of a healthy relationship.

It is essential not to blame our partner for our feelings.

Do you think it’s possible to trust a person you love, even after a terrible mistake? Do you have your own signs of confidence? Please share your experience with us!


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